Alma & Bramble

Hello you! Thanks for coming this far :)

At Alma & Bramble we get out of bed in the morning to help emerging designers succeed.  

We're only just getting started so we're on the hunt for talented emerging womenswear designers like you to join and help us work out what this will look like. We hope it’ll turn into a long and awesome partnership.  

Here's some more information about what we're up to and what it means to join us at this early stage. 

What we do know...

We will be an online marketplace

  • Alma & Bramble will be an online marketplace for emerging fashion designers to showcase and sell their collections.
  • There will be a focus on limited editions and unique fashion
  • For now, we are looking for womenswear designers – clothing, jewellery, accessories, footwear
  • We will focus on marketing and business support so you can focus on what you love – designing!
  • We will take a percentage of each sale that is made through the site

We will be a community

We will create an online community which will be a place for you to collaborate with designers as well as others from the industry…fashion photographers, stylists, pattern makers, brand ambassadors, fashion journalists, industry representatives…the list goes on!

How it works now...

While we are in the early stages, we have set up this test website to show designers and potential business partners our concept.

  1. We will set you up a basic profile page with a short bio/description and a few pictures.  Check out our existing designers page for an idea.
  2. Once you’re happy with the page, we’ll publish it and link to it from our other pages and then we can continue building momentum!
  3. We would love for you to join our designer group on Facebook. We have set this up so we can test ideas with you to make sure we are building something that’s really going to help. Join the group and meet the other designers here.

The details


We have added some example numbers at this point in time as it is the test site.


The site is fully operational so that we can test the functionality, however we are not actively marketing it as a selling site yet. If any orders are received at this early stage, we will contact you directly and ensure everything is dealt with professionally.


While we are still planning, we aren’t proactively marketing. Once we are up and running, marketing will be our main focus to ensure you get the most exposure possible. 


We will have a standardised system for shipping and packaging. We’ll test this with you to make sure that it fits your needs and is as smooth as possible. At this early stage, if we get any orders, we will contact you directly and deal with this professionally.